Power Problems: One of the common ways of getting your hard drive crashed is through power surges i.e. when there is an oversupply of voltage from the power company. Most hardware components are designed to handle a certain voltage and any voltage above the specified one causes damage e.g. if the hard disk drive is to handle 50v and 200v is supplied to it, it will crash.

Infection by viruses: Viruses are programs designed to cause corruption of files in a computer system and especially the hard disk. As is common of the medical virus, it infects the system and then replicates itself into various components in the computer system. It mainly targets files with extension ?.exe? and ?.ini?. It is advised that after buying a new computer or laptop, it is important to install anti-virus software. This software will detect and others have the capability of deleting the virus.

Human Error: Human beings are bound to make mistakes and mishandle things. It is almost impossible to be 100% careful even when dealing with computer hardware especially the storage devices. Since storage devices may be moved from one computer to another, there is a possibility of not being careful e.g. there is a possibility of someone dropping the hard disk or the laptop. when this happens, there is physical damage on the hard disk and it can crash.

Natural Disaster: No one knows when this happens. Nature is something we cannot control. Such things as earthquakes, floods, wild fires and tornadoes are beyond human capability of handling. Therefore, your hard disk can crash if it is washed away by floods or is burnt by a wild fire.

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