Hard drives are complex. They have a circuit board and a number of moving parts. In terms of hard drive data recovery, the first thing that you must evaluate is whether it is a hardware problem that is stopping you from accessing your data. Common hardware problems including:

Logic failure

Logic fault is with the file system-related failures. Hard disk data write and read through the file system to achieve. If the disk file system is damaged, then the computer can not find the file on the hard drive and data. File system components are:

1. Partition Table: If the partition table is damaged, then it does not recognize the disk partitions or volumes.

2. Boot Sector / Super Block: boot sector and the definition of a super-block disk partition / volume of the most important parameters.

3. Index and Meta data: data on the hard drive and documents distributed in accordance with a certain structure on the disk, if the destruction of this structure, then the full file or data would not exist.

Physical failure

Their own physical hard disk failure is hardware damage occurs, leading to the normal operation of the hard disk can not identify or access data. Hard drive is generally a circuit board, firmware, heads, platters, motors and other electronic / software / mechanical three parts, and any component can fail.

1. PCB burned: hard drive circuit board burned, or hard disk controller chip circuit board damage. As hard drive circuit board with chips are programmable, so the hard drive circuit board repair is not just “soldering iron” and “solder” work, also need to use special programming equipment.

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2. Firm corrupt: the hard disk firmware is the normal operation of the hardware control program, the hard drive’s “brain.”

3. Head & motor failed: head and the motor is the drive’s mechanical components, located in closed, clean the plate within the body. Head will be aging, deformation; motor burn, stuck, the two components of damage to the hard drive will make the total loss can not be repaired, only the use of specialized equipment can recover the data.

4. Platter scratch: the disc is to save the data carrier. Hard drive in use, due to aging or scratches have bad sectors.


Sometimes we do accidentally delete the file and destroy the partition table, which will result in the loss of valid data, this data loss need to use data recovery software or by hand to achieve the restoration of data recovery.

Virus damage

Most viruses will not cause data loss, but a small number of viruses but it will cause hard lock, partition loss or data loss, this time can not simply use anti-virus software to clean up the virus, otherwise it will cause serious damage to data, usually by special software to bring the data only after doing anti-virus treatment.


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