Although most companies understand that keeping information in a way that is easily retrievable can save alot of time trawling through documents to find the one you need, they don?t always take into account what would happen if the unthinkable happened.

Many companies keep their documents stored in a room in a neat filing system, but what would happen to all of that information should a fire occur?

We know of countries that have been affected by natural disasters, but we have no idea how many companies? affected lost personal records because of them. This includes legal records, medical records, business records, banking records and a number of different types of information that were lost because no safety net was put in place.

Now, we don?t all expect disasters to happen to us, but it does express the point that things can and do happen which can make our working lives alot harder should something unexpected occur, such as a fire or even as simple as someone who destroys the wrong records by mistake.

So what steps can be taken to prevent such from happening?

The first thing would be to find out what kind of system you would need in place to suit your individual business. Not every business is the same and therefore the requirements to store and protect information will differ.

You can request a professional assessment consultation from a records management company to see what solutions are available to fit your needs when it comes to protecting your data.

Many businesses have an obligation to store and protect certain documents for a specified length of time. This could include businesses such as dentist, doctors, banks, lawyers, libraries and a whole number of different businesses. All of the data that they keep as far as people?s addresses, medical records and perhaps case notes are entrusted in the hands of the company that holds them, so keeping them safe and secure should be a priority.

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So not only is it important to keep information safe to enable a good work flow, but also because there are data protection laws to also consider.

As there are a number of ways to store and protect information, by requesting a consultation with a record management company, they can assess your requirements and make suggestions on whether an internal system could be put in place, or whether an offsite system would be beneficial.

Offsite record storage would still mean your documents are easily recovered as most of these companies offer a same day delivery if required, but as well as this, they have the facilities to ensure your documents are kept safe and secure should the unforeseen happen at the office.

Using an offsite records storage company will also mean that you no longer need to worry about using up valuable space in the office.

If an onsite system proves to be the best solution, then the records company can offer you solutions as to which would be the most sufficient system to put in place to ensure your documents are not only kept safe, but also stored in an organised way to help you retrieve the documents when you require them.


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