For all the computer users, irrespective of the time spent, data loss impact is the same. The experience of data loss is purely exasperating, whether you have yourself deleted the file by mistake or some external nasty program (like virus) has infected your system and the residing data. So the data recovery is like a common need of present time.

But do you all know the facts of data recovery in clear -What is data recovery? What are the tools to accomplish data recovery? And are they usable by your own? Perhaps not.

Most of the operating systems, give let the users to handle small problems with the inbuilt utilities. But those which are complex in nature and are not addressed by these utilities have the common cure under data recovery solutions.

What is data recovery?

Data recovery is a phenomenon of retrieving the inaccessible or lost data from any storage media. The media might be logically or physically affected, so the data recovery approach is made accordingly.

In case of logical data loss, no data gets evacuated from the media, except its entry from the file system table. Therefore, the operating system can?t locate it and treats the occupied space as empty, ready to be written by some other data. Data recovery is the upcoming of all these shortcomings of the operating system.

On the other hand in physical mishap, all remains safe, except the physical structure of the drive, which makes it inaccessible. The storage media stops functioning properly. So the media is firstly repaired and then data is recovered from.

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What are the tools to accomplish data recovery?

Basically, depending on the root cause, there are two tools for tackling different situations of data loss- data recovery software and data recovery service. Logical instances have the cure under data recovery software while the physical mishaps need the consultancy of data recovery service.

Are they usable by their own?

Data recovery software can be deployed by the user; in fact they are made so that any of users, with any level of technical aspects, can use it easily and effectively. While, if device is physically crippled, then the work done in data recovery service should not be attempted by own at any cost. If you want the safe data recovery then be safe at your part and don?t dare to think of applying the self-thought solutions.

Data recovery solutions of Stellar Information Systems Limited are considered as the optimum ones, so far. The data recovery software , for the major operating systems, have the superb scanning capacity to retrieve the data intact and completely.

Data recovery service through Stellar is the work through the clean environment of Class 100 Clean Rooms and the application of great intellect of data recovery experts. The affected media is diagnosed properly with the aim of incurring problem and the suitable action is then carried out.


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